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PostSubject: Event list   Event list EmptyWed Mar 10, 2010 10:42 am

LMS (Last Man Standing)

This event is played in a TDM fashion where the Staff member is on one team and the event players are on the other team. The objective is to be the last one alive at the end of the round as such getting the name, last man standing. Rules are simple, you can run, and hide. [Staff may change if you can attack your team mates]

Hide and Seek (HnS or H&S)

This event is similar to LMS due to you needing to be the last one alive to win a round. This event starts off the same way as LMS where staff on one team, players on another. You will have a certain time limit to run and hide, [The time is dependent upon the staff member] after that time is up, you may not move from your location. Releasing the location of a team mate is forbidden.

Dodge Ball

Simple, Map: CyberSports, Staff member with GM rockets, you on the other team, you run. In this event, you will be on the under story of CyberSports in the "Racing" section. You will need to evade incoming rockets, stay alive. If you are the last one alive, you win the round. You may not go on top of the fence surrounding the area.

Counter Strike : Source (CS:S)

This is a unique event that normally I only host. It involves the game room tag !LAME, this cancels out dashing / tumbles, and !nc, removing all of your equipped clothing. The teams will be split evenly and the staff member may choose to play. The rules to this are a little more complex,
---------Primary weapons; Shotgun, Rifle, Rocket, Machine Guns, Sub-Machine Guns, (No snipers allowed)
----------Secondary weapons; Revolvers, Raptors or Auto Pistols.
You may only have 1 primary weapon equipped while playing. 2 secondary weapons are allowed.
No meds are allowed! Nades are allowed. The person with the most kills on the winning team, wins.

Capture the Flag (CTF)

This is a more uncommon or "rare" event, it involves 2 staff members equipping a "team flag" and Staff portals. Teams are split evenly and 2 staff members are required. Any weapons are allowed. The way to win; you must walk/run/dash/roll to the enemy flag, and melee the flag which is the staff member. The flag causes a 50% speed decrease, and you must stay within slashing distance of the staff member for him/her to follow. Bring the flag back to your team side and portal [Which will be dropped at the beginning of the game by a staff member] to win a point. The winning team may break off into smaller teams or each member will get a 1-3 day item of the staff members choice. This event is played in TDME.


A newer event type, a staff member will select CyberSports and the teams will be split evenly. The staff member and the players will move to the "soccer" field and go to the team sides. The staff member will have a Staff pusher equipped that will make him/her move farther with each melee attack. Vibrators are the only weapon allowed. You must push the staff member into the enemy goal to win a point. Then the staff member will return to the middle of the field and the new round will start.


This event will normally only be played with "smarter" people of the community. Everyone will join 1 team and the staff member will choose the zombie. That selected person will go to the other team and the round will start. Zombies may only use swords, humans [The team opposite the zombie team] may only use guns. No you may not dash or wall hang with a sword or dagger when you are a human, only tumbling. The room tag !nc will be added to make the game fair. Once killed by a zombie, you must switch to the zombie team and you may only use melee weapons. The last person alive will win the event or round, what ever the staff wants. Any weapons allowed.

"/insert name here" says;

The game revolves around the child's game Simon says. The staff member will tell you to do something on GunZ, you must execute the action as he/she says. You must only move when the Staff says his or her name in real life or ingame. Be the last one alive and you win the round.

1v1 Duel

This event will be played with 15 other people in a Hall duel room. The first to a 10 streak wins. Any weapons allowed.

Mexican man hunt

This event is just like LMS but you may reveal your teams location. Any weapons allowed.

Wall 2 Wall or Dash or Death

This event will be held in the map or stage: Hall. Teams will be split to Staff on one team, player on the other. You will start on one side of the map, where the giant doors are. Staff members will have a staff sniper equipped and will be standing in between the pillars of the map. The count down will take place and you will need to dash to the opposite wall of the map while trying to dodge sniper shots. The game will continue until there is only one person left, that person wins.

GM(Staff) Vs All

This is a TDM event where all of the staff will equip normal or slightly higher stated weapons and armor. The objective is to kill as many staff members as possible. The person with the most staff kills will win the round or game. Any weapons are allowed.


A full on explosion of sniper rifles and bullets flying into the air, resulting in who has the best aim and lead. This is a compact event with rapid deaths filling up the chat log. 16-25 players at a time who all have equipped a sniper rifle, nothing else. No swords, if you need a melee, only a dagger.[Not a vibrator]. No clothing is allowed. The person to reach the set kill limit will win the event.


Map set, most likely Super Mario 3. This is a TDM set game that you will start off at your spawn and wait for the staff countdown. If you begin before that countdown has started or finished, you will be either kicked or killed. You must be the first one to the other side of the map or the enemy spawn point, to win this event. Any weapons allowed. No nades.

Dodge the nade

Everyone's favorite map [/Sarcasm ShowerRoom End Sarcasm/] Like most events, you on one team, staff on the other. Room tag !nc will be on removing all of your clothing equipped. The staff member will have staff nades and shall be rapid throwing them all across the map. Your job is to stay alive and be the last one standing through the hell that is being unleashed killing your team.

Escort the Tank

A new event created that has you trying to assassinate a tank driver while making sure you are not killed by a staff using staff weapons. The tank driver may be a staff or regular player. Any weapons allowed.

Find the Toy

Name says it all. The map will be selected by staff and teams will be split like most events, you on one team, staff another. The objective to this event is to find a dropped "toy" by the staff member that will be placed randomly on the map. This "toy" will most likely be well hidden so this event might take some time. If you are the one who finds it, you must stand on top of it and whisper the staff member that you have found the item. The staff will then come to you, I advise you not to tell your team that you have found the item, because the one who is standing on top of the object wins a point.

Kill the GM

TDM style event where the staff member will have 1 or 2 staff rings (Staff's choice) equipped. The objective is to be the one who kills the Staff member. Any weapons allowed. 1 kill is considered a point.

Flood Base

TDM style event that may be played with either 16 or 25 members. The set kill limit is 50 for 16 players, 100 for 25. Map : Prison (the big one). This event will have you trying to protect Red base if you are on the defending side, (red will always defend their base) But on blue side you are trying to smash through red base and rack as many kills as you can. In the event, the teams will be as listed; 16 players 5-6 defenders (Red team) and the rest on blue. 25 players 10-13 defenders on Red team, rest on blue. Any weapons allowed but medding is only allowed for red team so blue, bring nades.
Scoring system is which ever team is able to reach the set kill limit wins the round, but if red can hold out without dying for 10 minutes for 16 players, or 15 for 25. They also win, best 2 out of 3. Winning team splits then fights it out. The winning team gets an item for 3 days.

Team Deathmatch between players. 16 players 1 team
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