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 Advertising Event

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Posts : 331
Join date : 2010-02-20
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Location : Malaysia

PostSubject: Advertising Event   Wed Mar 10, 2010 10:24 am

Name of Event: Divination Global Advertising Campaign


Please read all of the following if you wish to participate! No skimming through!

Welcome to the Divination Gunz Advertising Campaign! By advertising our server in a variety of ways, you can help to make Divination Gunz bigger and better! Along the way, you can earn unique prizes that can't be obtained anywhere else!

To sign up and to be able to participate, please post in this thread saying that you want to advertise for us!

How do you get these prizes you ask? Simply accumulate the required number of points and spend them on the given prizes! That simple.

How do you get these points though? Fulfill the tasks given to you below to earn the number of points stated. Bonus points can also be given if you fulfill all of the tasks in that particular difficulty. There is also a 'Super Bonus' task that can be completed every 3-5 days by one lucky winner!

In order to receive your points for a certain advertising task, you must post a screenshot of yourself advertising in YOUR OWN SPECIAL THREAD. The simplest way to do this is the following :
- Press the 'PrtSc' button on your keyboard.
- Open up Paint, and press ctrl + v.
- Save it.
- Go to www.tinypic.com and upload your saved screenshot.
- Post the third url given (the one with the [IMG] tags) in your unique thread.

Your own thread for posting screenshots of your advertisements will be provided.
- Please note that you will only be rewarded/credited once per day for doing a certain task. Currently, you can receive a maximum of 2 points per day.

- More tasks will be added in shortly.


Super Bonus Task

Make an official Divination Gunz Advertisment! Make it in-depth and easy to navigate for newcomers to read!

The winner shall receive 100 advertising points!



Easy (Each worth 1 point daily) (Easy A = 5 pts) (Easy B = 7 points) (Easy AB = 15 points)

Medium (Each worth 1 point daily) (Medium A = 10 pts) (Medium B = 15 points) (Medium AB = 35 points)

- -Advertise on a GunZ-related youtube video. (10 times to complete Medium bonus)
- Advertise on a GunZ-related site. (gamerzplanet, mafiacoders, gunzfactor, etc...) (10 times to complete Medium bonus)

Hard (Each worth 1 point daily) (Hard A = 20 pts) (Hard B = 30 points) (Hard AB = 75 points)

- Advertise on a GunZ-related youtube video. (15 times to complete Hard bonus)
- Advertise on a GunZ-related site. (gamerzplanet, mafiacoders, gunzfactor, etc...) (15 times to complete Hard bonus)

Extreme (Each worth 1 point daily) (Easy A = 40 pts) (Easy B = 60 points) (Easy AB = 125 points)

- Advertise on a GunZ-related youtube video. (25 times to complete Extreme bonus)
- Advertise on a GunZ-related site. (gamerzplanet, mafiacoders, gunzfactor, etc...) (25 times to complete Extreme bonus)


Since some of you will not be able to come up with a decent advertisement, here is one that you may use if you have trouble creating your own for the time being :

"Want a fun, active, and unique GunZ server to play on? Then come join Divination GunZ, the most dedicated server and the newest private server! Go to to register and download the client quickly! Visit http://divination.forummotion.com/forum.htm to sign up for our extremely active forums!"



(Points are subtracted from your overall pt. total upon spending them)

Prizes will be post after v2 is out!


- More to be added later.

All threads and posts relating to the advertising campaign will be monitored by anyone
The bonus starts today, Making a new fresh start so the bonus won't be a confusion.

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Posts : 112
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Location : HAX0RS

PostSubject: Re: Advertising Event   Sun Mar 14, 2010 5:36 am

oh..um..HAI! (ill do it)

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Advertising Event
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